Avocado Leaf Tea

Avocado Leaf Tea

The leaves of the avocado tree are packed with a lot of useful nutrients, it can be consumed in the form of herbal tea. It is useful in easing the symptoms of many diseases and has proven to be very beneficial for general health.

We are going to list some health benefits of the Avocado Leaf tea.

How to make Avocado Leaf Tea?

benefits of Avocado leaves

Through the following simple steps, you can have your delicious cup of herbal avocado leaf tea;

  1. First, wash the avocado leaves properly and make sure they are very clean.
  2. Prepare a Pot containing 1 or 2 cups of water and add these leaves to it. 
  3. Put the mixture on the stove until it boils.
  4. Let the leaves simmer for about 10 minutes.
  5. If you want, you can add sweetener to make the tea more palatable.
  6. Turn off the stove, pour the tea into a cup and drink warm.

Now you can enjoy your cup of Avocado Leaf Tea

Health Benefits of Avocado Leaf Tea

Good Herbal alternative for Asthma

If you suffer from asthma, the avocado leaf can be a solution for this. Boil seven avocado leaf tea with three glasses of water and add one tablespoon of ice. When water boils down to half, remove avocado leaves from water and drink before going to bed while are hot.

Dealing with Back-Pain

If you feel pain, such as low back pain, avocado leaf tea is a great herbal alternative to help you with the pain. Just have a cup or two in the morning and your pain will be managed. 

Please note that the avocado leaf tea is not a permanent solution for back pain. In case of chronic pain please visit your physician,

Reduces Tension

Avocado leaf tea can treat tension. If you are tensed and trying to relax, just boil 9 chopped avocado leaves with 3 glasses of water and turmeric. Then add salt to the mixture. Wait until the mixture boils well and then strain the tea. 

When you feel stressed and tense, you can drink this mixture regularly before going to sleep. It is also a great way to deal with anxiety.

Supports Kidneys

Avocado leaf tea can be useful for reducing or even -in some cases- eliminating kidney disease symptoms. This herbal tea acts as a detoxifying agent that removes waste from the body, cleaning kidneys from foreign substances and toxins. 

Avocado tea consumed throughout the day and before going to bed can provide benefits for kidneys’ health.

Fights Bacteria

Avocado Leaf tea can help getting rid of some bacterial infection. The leaves of the avocado plant are considered medicinal, as they are capable of killing the bacteria called Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Proteus, Escherichia, and Bacillus. Which makes Avocado Leaf Tea a great way to fight infections and Bacteria in general.

Relieves Pain

Avocado leaves have some analgesic properties. For this reason, Avocado Leaf Tea helps to soothe the symptoms of toothache, headache, menstrual cramps, and lower back pain. Some even claim that a single cup of avocado leaf tea can be an effective way in relieving migraines.

Protects the body against Degenerative disease

Avocado leaves contain flavonoid components which protect the body from degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. 

In addition, it can provide benefits to the body on a cellular level thus, preventing premature aging.

benefits of Avocado leaves

Helps fighting Cancer

Avocado leaf tea helps fighting and preventing cancer. These leaves contain cancer-preventing agents known as pinene and lemonade. Therefore, it disables the development of cancer cells and acts as a chemo protective.

Managing Diabetes

Using the traditional way to cure a disease is sometimes never be a fail. If you are searching for an alternative way to cure diabetes and lower blood sugar, you can hold it on the health benefits of avocado leaves. Diabetes is a common health problem and nowadays it affects most of the population over the world. It usually happens when the pancreas inside the body stops producing insulin which is known as the hormone that regulates blood sugar in the body’s metabolism. A scientific study which conducted to some artificially diabetes-induced rats found that the avocado leaves extract possessed a hypoglycemic effect in a certain dose. 

It also prevents you from consuming sugar, which causes you to consume excessive calories. This is why avocado leaf tea is a very useful treatment for diabetes.

Helps to lose weight

From the benefits of avocado leaf tea is that it helps in losing weight. The consumption of avocado leaves works as an appetite suppressor thanks to the content of lemonade, which in return prevents weight gain.Helps with hair care

The leaves of avocado contain some pigment which is good to maintain a black shiny hair. It can also be a good hair mask to solve your dull and bad hair problem. How does it work? Just mash some of the young avocado leaves into a thick paste then rub it on your hair before you wash your hair. Leave the avocado leave paste on your hair for about 10 to 15 minutes then wash and rinse your hair as usual. You can do this treatment twice a week to get an adorable black and shiny hair as well as get other health benefits of avocado leaves which strengthen your hair root.

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benefits of Avocado leaves

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Avocado Leaf tea side effects

  • When comes to toxicity in avocado leaves, care should be taken.
  • Some studies have emphasized that leaves have the ability to create potential toxins according to the avocado species.
  • For example, some experts say that there is a possibility of a toxin to be present in leaves of Guatemala avocado.
  • On the other hand, the Mexican avocado plant is considered safe.
  • When Guatemalan avocado is used, some experts have stated that is possible that the leaves have a toxic effect if consumed by large amounts.


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