Avocado leaves H

Avocado Leaves for Cancer

Avocado Leaves for Cancer

Avocado; that delicious fruit that is everyone’s sweetheart due to its delicate texture and delicious taste.

benefits of Avocado leaves

Avocado is very beneficial for health, as it contains many useful health benefits.
However, do you know that avocado fruit is not the only beneficial thing from the avocado plant? Well, avocado leaves are also beneficial for health. One of the many beneficial points of avocado leaves is the benefits of avocado leaves for cancer.
There are many medication techniques and methods developed for cancer. But we can’t simply ignore the fact that traditional medication involving natural ingredients is helpful to reduce the risk of cancer and even helping in treating cancer. One of those examples is the proven benefits of avocado leaves for cancer. There are many beneficial points you can pick to convince you that not only the fruit, the leaves are also helpful for us.
The Nutritional Information of Avocado Leaves
Avocado leaves might not be as delicious as the fruit. However, it contains a nutritional value, which is not less than the fruit. It has excellent nutrition as listed below:

benefits of Avocado leaves

The protein and fiber in avocado leaves are claimed to be higher than the fruit or seed. Amazing, isn’t it? In addition, if you wonder about the taste, it might taste licorice with a little bitter flavor. So, you can mix it up with the other ingredients to spice up the taste when you consume it as medication or prevention to cancer.

Benefits of Avocado Leaves for treating Cancer
The consumption of avocado leaves is claimed to be very good in reducing the risk of cancer and prevent further development of cancer. It is because avocado leaves contain excellent beneficial nutrition as mentioned above, which actively fight cancer growth.
Cancer Preventing Agent
Avocado leaves have a very important compound for cancer. They are pinene and lemonade, the cancer-preventing agents we can get from consuming avocado leaves. The two compounds are able to slower cancer cell development. Besides, it can also effectively act as a chemoprotective agent for cancer.

Diuretic property
Avocado leaves have diuretic property. It means that regular consumption of avocado leaves can enhance metabolism and further excrete waste through urine. The proper waste excretion enables our body to quickly remove toxins and the other unwanted material from our unhealthy diets.
As we know, some cancer developed from an unhealthy lifestyle, especially unhealthy diet. So, the proper urinary removal can reduce the risk of the toxins including the free radical to affect our body.

Inhibit the growth of tumor
Avocado leaves are high in antioxidants. One of the beneficial antioxidants in avocado leaves is phytochemicals. The phytochemicals work very excellently in inhibiting the growth of the tumor.

Anti-inflammatory property
The growth of cancer never apart from the inflammation process. Either elicited by inflammation, or the growth process involve inflammation, cancer patient needs to consume any product or food with anti-inflammatory property. In this case, avocado leaves worth a try. It can present the benefits of avocado leaves as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Prevent blood clotting

benefits of Avocado leaves

Vitamin K is another important vitamin that is responsible for the prevention of blood clotting. Cancer sometimes related to the process of blood clotting.
It is possible for avocado leaves to prevent blood clotting by activating selected proteins and make them able to bind calcium.


Treatment of Breast Cancer
There are different factors at play when people develop breast cancer, including environment, genetics, family history, and lifestyle habits. We can’t control all of these, but we can try to eat healthily and get regular exercise — both of which can help protect against cancer.
Avocados have become pretty popular in recent years. They have several key nutrients and can be eaten in so many different ways. The versatile, savory, delicious fruit can even offer some protection against breast cancer.
While avocado leaves are by no means a miracle cure, they can contribute to a balanced, healthy diet, which could help you reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.
Avocados would be considered a part of a diet that’s useful for breast health. One example of a healthy diet is the Mediterranean diet, which involves daily vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains, and eating lean proteins just a few times a week.
Women who eat a diet that is high animal fat have an increased breast cancer risk. A traditional Mediterranean diet, that’s low in animal fat and high in monounsaturated fats, will explain part of why this specific diet is useful for breast health.

How to consume Avocado Leaves?
You might not need any further explanation if it comes to the consumption of avocado fruit. However, how about the consumption of avocado leaves for treating cancer? What should one do to consume and get the benefits of avocado leaves for treating cancer? Well, you can add raw or freshly toasted avocado leaves to the salad.

Or else, you can also make the leaves extract as a salad dressing. But if you are not that into a salad, you can include avocado leaves to your stew or soup. Not only add health benefits to your cooking but adding avocado leaves can also spice up the flavor with its licorice and anise-like flavor. It is easier for you to process the leaves into powder. So, you can add it anywhere on your diet. Such a simple and easy solution for a healthy diet.

Besides, one of the best ways to consume avocado leaves is to drink it as tea. Just boil some leaves in a pot of water. If you like, you can drink it plain. Of it is not, you can add some sweetener.


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    I recently discovered prostate cancer in my body and started treatment with conventional drug but with little improvement.However when l discovered alvocado leave and started drinking it as tea,l can say with certainty that my health is much better

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