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Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves Seed and Fruit

Health Benefits of Avocado

If you were trapped on a desert island with one whole food to choose from, what would it be? You may be thinking about your favorite tasting food. For many people this is avocado and if you chose avocado to be your only food source than you would choose well. Avocado is a superfood that can live for years if not limited. Now imagine that you can also eat the avocado seed itself. Yes you can eat the avocado seed and in fact it has more nutrients and things that are good for you than the avocado itself. Now before you go trampling avocado seed, be careful, they are hard and a bit bitter. You really want to get a grinder and grind the seeds for your stew or other food. Now we come to the healthiest part of the avocado we know are the avocado leaves. The beautiful green avocado leaves that look so invested, are also happily nutritious, similar to other high-end superfoods like spirulina.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of avocado leaves, seeds and fruits.


Full of the good fats.
High levels of unsaturated fats
Very low levels of saturated fats
Very low levels of unwanted omega 6
There is Omega 3
There are no trans fats or mines fats
Zero cholesterol; It has been shown to effectively reduce existing cholesterol levels.
Full of micro-nutrition.
Combinations of plant sterols, antioxidants and vitamin E carotenoids create many benefits that medical science still has difficulty explaining.
Avocado leaves is packed vitamin E carotenoids that our bodies would otherwise waste. This is a powerful additive for:
Beta carotene – increases absorption by 1,500%

Avocado leaf quality reflects the quality of the fresh avocado leaves.

Just some of the nutrients in avocado leaves are
Alpha carotene – increases absorption by 700%
Lutein – increases absorption by 500%
Lycopene – increases absorption by 450%
Complex interactions between vitamin E carotenoids, plant sterols and ‘good’ fats allow for extra avocado oil to be added to functional foods; New generation SuperFood capable of providing additional health benefits and antioxidant activity in the fight against obesity, heart disease, dementia, blindness, skin care and a variety of cancers.
Avocado leaves are not very available and discerning consumers who are looking for the highest quality products and seeking to optimize their health through lifestyle choices like a Mediterranean diet. We usually support ‘Factors’ who enjoy hosting with quality, delicious, trendy food. They prefer fresh and natural food and understand the distinction between “good and bad” fats.
General health


Need more carotenoids? Consistent research shows that mortality rates from chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and blindness are declining.
Heart condition
There are many ways to change diet and lifestyle for low cholesterol (LDL) before taking cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Fighting cancer
Recent studies suggest avocado and fresh avocado leaves will be part of an established diet to help prevent or minimize a variety of diseases.

Prostate problems
Clinical studies confirm the benefits of avocado in patients with prostate enlargement (BHP). Phytochemistry diminishes after the residue of the void.

Failed vision
Lutin, a powerful antioxidant, plays an important role in protecting macula cells from damage caused by light; So that might prevent ..

Your brain – dementia
There is very clear evidence that avocado leaves may help lower cholesterol levels, with positive health effects.

Scars and wound treatment


Vitamin E Several studies show that avocado improves the healing process of skin wounds and scars.
Dry skin or dull hair
Avocado oil is widely used in cosmetics and creams for upscale skin care, soaps and shampoos of the highest quality, sun protection.

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