Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Main Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves


Helps lower blood sugar levels: Initial studies have found that avocado leaves have effects on lowering blood sugar.

The study reported that the blood sugar drop continued six hours after a single dose of the leaf extract. The results of this study are encouraging for diabetics.

Weight Loss Factor: A study on rats fed high-fat diets showed that avocado leaves lowered blood cholesterol.

Avocado leaf extracts have lost body weight and blood cholesterol in rats in a high-fat diet.

Anti-ulcer effects: The phytonotrients in the leaves of avocado, tannin, saponin and flavonoids help to reduce ulcer symptoms.

A preliminary study using avocado leaves’ extracts showed this as a promising drug for reducing gastric ulcer.


Where to buy?
Avocado leaves are available in ethnic and health food markets across the country. Another convenient way to get them is online. Amazon sells avocado leaves, as does eBay or try my favorite

How to use avocado leaves?
Before adding avocado leaves to your menu, be sure to wash them well. The best way to do this is to soak them in water for a few minutes, rinse and repeat again.

Enjoy avocado leaves for salad, soups and stews.
Add a leafy bed to the meat on the fire.
Without a doubt, avocado leaves are best used in tea. Boil some leaves in water, add sweetener like honey or maple syrup. have a nice time!
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