What are the 3 worst foods to eat?

What are the 3 worst foods to eat?

The best way to answer such a question, is to understand the motivation behind it. Certainly the enquirer does not wish to start eating the 3 worst foods. Nor do I believe they want to provide it to their pets or children. So I will begin this with a process of opposites.

What are the 3 best foods to eat? benefits of Avocado leaves

Nutritionally we need to examine super-foods such as spirulina and chlorella. They are both microscopic blue green type algae. So while I already named two, I will not cheat and name only one more. Something you can see with your eyes that doesn’t require millions of them together.

Avocado is the new Super-food

Now I know for 30 percent of you, you might rather consider eating the algae over the avocado. But I know I will not get any negative comments, lest your friends discover you do not like their favorite food and force you to try it again anew! I will not make you do it. I set my friends at ease who hate avocado and I assure them I will not make them try it nor tell anyone.

In recent years new discoveries have been made about this most health and amazing tropical fruit. The avocado seeds are even more healthy then the avocado itself. Now that makes sense, remember growing an avocado plant from a seed suspended on water with tooth picks? Did you notice that is the only plant you ever knew that grew from seed to over 2 feet high in just water? All the energy the plant needs is coming from the avocado seed nourishing those beautiful new emerald green avocado leaves. So yes it truly is amazing that the avocado seed is even more nutritious than the fruit. But Avocado does not stop there.

Avocado Leaves are more potent than the avocado seeds or fruit. vocado leaves

Recent exciting news is that the avocado leaf is a super-food in its own right. It is packed with all the good stuff of any superfood in a perfect metabolic form. You can eat the leaves whole or make tea from them by simmering in water.

The new rising star in health and nutrition is avocado leaves and lots of videos are being produced on the subject and even avocado leaves channels on Youtube.

Avocado leaves pain back Avocado leaves is a medicinal food. That being a a food used to treat and prevent illness as well as used for dietary consumption. The usage often depends on the preparation of the avocado leaves and the dosage. Eating tender new leaves from an avocado tree uncooked is probably the most healthy way to do it for food. Then when it comes to treating conditions, people make teas, so they can consume lots of the good plant constituents without needing to consume pounds of plant matter.

Medicinal uses are for pain of all sorts like back and neck pain, even tooth head ache and menstrual pain. Avocado leaf balms and tinctures have been developed as well as a avocado leaves for hairloss appropriately named AvoHair.

So if you are throwing away avocado seeds, stop! plant them and eat the avocado leaves. Or at least grind them up and add it to your pets food.

Disclaimer, I love avocado and I own the links in this page.

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